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La Raspadura Bella Lodi is the ideal ingredient to give that extra touch to your recipes. Hors d’oeuvres, first courses, second courses and side dishes: every recipe becomes a special recipe with mouthwatering shavings of Bella Lodi cheese. Here are some suggestions of how to serve up all the flavour of Bella Lodi Raspadura!

Download the all the recipes all the recipes made with Bella Lodi and Raspadura Bella Lodi, sent by consumers and collected at the contest "Win a year of Cheese".

Some quick tips

Raspadura with bresaola and rocket

Fresh and light, appetising and flavoursome, this mouthwatering classic is also quick to prepare.

Green tagliatelle with tomato sauce and Raspadura

This simple and sophisticated first course is ideal when you want something colourful and flavoursome, offering a perfect balance between the tagliatelle, the tomato and all the flavour of the Raspadura.

Saffron risotto with Raspadura

A traditional recipe from Lombardy with the choreography and sophisticated flavour of Raspadura,for a meal that is simple to prepare, tasty, light and colourful!

Mixed canapes with Raspadura

An original idea to add personality to cocktail finger food and hors d’oeuvres. Raspadura is an amazingly inventive accompaniment for mouthwatering ingredients like olive pate, avocado slices, cherry tomatoes and mayonnaise.

Egg and asparagus with Raspadura

A classic dish in a flavoursome new interpretation. The harmony of two simple ingredients meets the delicate flavour of Raspadura to create a perfect balance.

Cocktail finger food with Raspadura

Raspadura is an ideal ingredient for any cocktail party: perfect eaten as is, or as a key ingredient in mixed hors d’oeuvres based on canapes, cold cuts and grapes

Beef carpaccio, Raspadura and rocket

An easy-to-prepare recipe that unleashes exciting sensations on the palate. The soft shavings of Bella Lodi Raspadura turn every dish into a veritable masterpiece.

Raspadura in mixed salad

Lettuce, red leaf salad, carrots, tomatoes and Raspadura are ideal ingredients for the perfect salad when you’re looking for something light but full of flavour. There’s no end to the combinations possible!

Cheese omelet with Raspadura

Bella Lodi Raspadura gives a gourmet touch to this timeless classic, adding that special ‘je ne sais quoi’ that makes this world-famous recipe even more appetising.

Raspadura filled roll

For those of you who are in more of a hurry, here’s an on-the-go speciality. A roll filled with grilled courgettes, curly leaf salad, tomatoes and Parma ham is transformed into a paradigm of the purest culinary art by deliciously delicate Bella Lodi Raspadura.

Pizza with Raspadura

Any pizza becomes more beautiful and good with Raspadura Bella Lodi. It just a few grams to decorate it and make it even more tasty, original and inviting.
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