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Raspadura is a unique local cheese from the Lodi area, made scrupulously by hand, naturally free from lactose. So how is this delicacy made?

While still not fully mature, the wheels of Bella Lodi are
hand-scraped by expert cheese-makers, using an age-old technique and a special knife to produce delicate, long, compact shavings. It is a fascinating process to watch and one that evokes times gone by when flavours were rich and strong. A past that hasn’t been forgotten and from which the unmistakable Bella Lodi Raspadura springs.
raspadura cheese
raspadura cheese cutting board
Compared with the traditional and more mature forms, those set aside for the production of Raspadura are younger and subjected to a specific manufacturing process.

Once cut in half, along the profile, the surface of the cheese is then "scraped", that is to say it is delicately flaked by an export cheese maker, with a long flexible blade that has been specially sharpened.

The light, delicate shavings produced in this way melt in the mouth, enhancing all the characteristics of Bella Lodi cheese. The uniquely delicate flavour of Raspadura makes it perfect for many different uses and it appeals to all palates, alone or as an accompaniment. And its theatrically decorative appearance also offers that extra touch to embellish any dish.

With Bella Lodi Raspadura, every recipe is a guaranteed success!

Imagine... Raspadura Bella Lodi

Imagine... Bella Lodi

with 100%
clean energy
Raw milk
local farms
Unique taste
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Lactose free
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