Raspadura Bella Lodi

the origins

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The origins of excellence

Bella Lodi Raspadura has become a must in recent years both for young palates on the lookout. for new flavours and adult palates in search of tradition.

But not everyone knows that “Raspadura” is a storied word in the local Lodi dialect. According to tradition, Raspadura dates back to when farmers in the Lodi area ordered their labourers to scrape the wheels of grana cheese that hadn’t matured perfectly. The resulting cheese shavings were given to the farm workers as payment for their labour.
Although it began life as food for the poor, the excellent characteristics of Raspadura were later rediscovered and it is now featured in many rich and sophisticated recipes.

Bella Lodi Raspadura is produced by a sole traditional dairy, park area, combining the unique flavour of tradition with the modernity of finger food

With its deliciously delicate flavour and compact but light consistency, Bella Lodi Raspadura is excellent for decorating and adding flavour to classic dishes, as well as representing a touch of sophistication for more modern recipes.
with 100%
clean energy
Raw milk
local farms
Unique taste
from selected
Lactose free
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